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  • problem

    Traditional display advertising does not work anymore, and brands find it difficult to connect to the content that readers are inspired by. This leaves readers frustrated, complaining over the quality of recommendations they get from brands and webshops.

    Most of the times, people turn to their favourite content creators rather than to webshops when looking for a style, but they are having a hard time finding matching available fashion from the social web.

  • solution

    Adzuki transforms posted pictures into starting points for a better, credible online-shopping experience based on recommendations that are interactive, embedded in the picture and shown upon request.

    Therefore, recommendations will never come unwanted and will significantly improve the invasive, frustrating experience of traditional display advertising. With Adzuki, customers can buy hand-picked items recommended by the editor or blogger- whenever they feel inspired.  


Brands and Webshops
Brands and Webshops

80% of shopping decisions are influenced by recommendations

However, brands struggle to connect to the content that readers are inspired by! By turning images posted by content creators into credible recommendations, Adzuki bridges the gap between brands and the content that inspires readers. Replace traditional, intrusive display advertising with product recommendations that are interactive and never come unwanted!

Content Creators
Content Creators

92% of online shoppers trust personal recommendations

Convert the inspiration you give to your followers into sales by carefully selecting product recommendations. Transform images into starting points for improved online-shopping experiences with interactive, embedded-in-the-image recommendations which only show upon request.

   Tailored Solutions

We transform the way our clients handle their catalogues

Thanks to our image-recognition technology, we allow brands and webshops to save time and money by matching a single image with their catalogues to list fashion items similar to that in the image. Adzuki recommends an entire outfit using a single fashion item as a starting point: We find the shoes that go perfectly with that dress! Our experts work with your team to deliver a solution that matches your specific business requirements.

Disruptive technology

Images posted online become instantly shoppable

Making online images the starting point for new online-shopping experiences.

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What people are saying

  • Rather than advertising being a side effect, Adzuki makes advertising a service within the content.
    Claus Pedersen Blicher
  • I love Adzuki. It’s easy to set up, and my content looks great, no matter what!
    Jessica Carinato